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Graffiti Graph-iti Wall. That was an amendment made by kids.

Students had filled in their own unit circles (measuring the angles with protractors etc.), created charts to help them easily identify the sine, cosine, and tangent of all the angles, and worked out several unit circle problems.

Next came graphing.

We began our journey with this “guided notes”/discovery activity.

I won’t lie – the intent was students would move seamlessly from their unit circle into this x/y table and plug in and graph away. They would work individually or with a partner discovering and having a grand ol’ time.

Uh no.  With my two lower level classes I did need to provide more scaffolding. I started off with a simple x/y table of a line and reminded them how we chose the values for x and so on. Then I placed this table on my smart board and explained I had chosen my x  values as certain angles around the unit circle and we used the unit circle to find the y values. I also drew a “regular” x/y plane with 1,2,3 but then explained those are not my x values so it doesn’t make sense… and so on.

The students did a fantastic job after the appropriate scaffolding and continued the project for the rest of class and then for homework. The next day we practiced graphing with the Graph-iti Wall. All around the room I had placed different charts like the one below.

Students began at one station and were timed for 5 minutes. Everyone had a marker and everyone had to write. Everyone had to write, even though they were writing the same thing. They did as much as they could until the timer rang (or the music stopped, I couldn’t get my music working though!) and then faced the center of the room. The next task was to head to the next station and check the work completed before them. They had to actually check off  each answer and again everyone was checking off then they could move on from where the last group left off. They rotated around to about 4 stations and then were sent back to their original to see what happened.

There was a lot of writing – in fact you could barely make out the first group. Hence the graffiti idea. It’s an awesome activity for anything  multi-step and I look forward to doing it again!

Students got the amplitude and vertical stretch/shrink DOWN after this activity – which made teaching period (horizontal stretch/shrink) easier without the confusion of the “inner” number and “outer” number.


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